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Friday, July 2nd, 2004
3:51 am
Tamtam graces our life!
Are there any rules against crossposting here?
I take it as no objection to this then ^_*

Let's say that the whole thing had started back when I and F talked about getting a cat last year. F is always fond of cat while I wouldn't mind one, as long as it's a cute one :) Yet the whole idea was swiped under the rug (oh, we don't have carpet in our apartment, but we do have a piece of rug) when the question of the cat's destiny in case of me/F leaving Montreal (which is doomed to happen) was brought up.
This idea resurfaced when F saw a cute little black kitten in a pet shop. I wasn't very keen on this but I wouldn't mind paying a visit to the pet shop. At the time we went to the shop, we found out something even better - an orange tabby. Oh my! Isn't it the cutest little thing. After a bit of holding and petting, I practically melt over this adorable kitty. We were told that it's a male tabby and it just fitted so well into my ideal as I really didn't want to deal with anyone else's period (not even mine, mind you), thank you very much.
We left the shop with the cutie in a card box and went on to buy other cat supplies, such as litter sand (I was so surprised that I could lift this 18kg litter). On our way home, F asked if I smelt something strange, which I felt nothing. However, later on, even the usually blunt me could smell something stinky when we were nearly home.
The source of the stink turned out to be in the box. Unfortunately, our beauty, probably too distressed by the small card box and the frantic sounds outside, couldn't help but shXt itself in the box.
You can imagine the mess the cat was in when we got it out of the box.
Luckily, as we had already suspected this, we didn't open the box until we were in the washroom.
Still, it's really a scene, with the cat covered with filth and we chased after it in the tiny bathroom.
After we cleaned up everything, including ourselves, we were asked about the name of the cat when we sat together with h and b-san. We tried a few: jazz, muse, sofie, etc etc. The first two were objected for their sounds while the third was said to be too girly. It's a male cat so we didn't want that. At last, we settled with Tamtam, which was a pretty appropriate name as both of its moms - F and me - are Tam :D
As a side note, we later found out that Tamtam actually is a female cat ^^;;; The veterinarian asked what made us think it's male (maybe he couldn't understand how one could mistake such a thing like a cat's gender). I felt it's reasonable to say so but my answer still sounded ridiculous when I thought about this: "The pet shop owner told us so!" Yea, we should have checked for... her "equipment" :P

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